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How we manage pain for our surgery patients at Westgate Pet Clinic

Pain management is an integral part of any anesthetic or surgical plan for Westgatesurgery blad

Pet Clinic patients undergoing invasive procedures. Studies have demonstrated the

benefits relating to patient comfort and fewer post-operative complications with

good pain control.


Good pain control starts at the planning stages of the procedure. Each patient is

thoroughly evaluated for what they might benefit from the best. Not only the nature

of the procedure involved, but also the pet’s history of anesthesia, concurrent

clinical diseases present and particular anatomical variations that come with the

variety of breeds we encounter in both dogs and cats are considered. For example, a

Pug (a “squish nosed” breed) with kidney disease undergoing a fracture repair will

be managed much differently than a young healthy Labrador Retriever undergoing a

lump removal.

November- The Scottish Fold

History of the BreedScottish Fold Free
The Scottish Fold is a unique breed of cat with ears that fold forward, creating an "owl-like" appearance.  The original Scottish Fold was a white barn cat from Scotland named Susie.  When Susie had kittens, two of them were born with folded ears.  A local farmer, William Ross, took a liking to these cats, and with the help of geneticist Pat Turner, the pair learned that the fold is caused by a dominant gene that affects the ear cartilage, and they were able to breed for this characteristic.
As time went on, however, it was determined that if cats had 2 of these dominant genes (homozygous for folds), those cats were at risk for developing osteochondrodysplasia, a condition that causes a malformation of the bones.
To prevent the risk of developing osteochondrodysplasia, ethical Scottish Fold breeders will only breed a Fold to a Non-Fold cat. 

Our Mission:

We provide the quality care our clients expect and their pets deserve, by relying on the expertise and
compassion of each team member.


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