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Welcome Dr. Valerie Aliano

Westgate Pet Clinic is proud to welcome Dr. Valerie Aliano to our hospital! Dr. Aliano obtained her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Missouri in 1983. After graduation, she practiced in Nebraska (as both an associate and and a practice owner) before moving to Minnesota in 2005. Dr. Aliano has a special interest in soft tissue surgery, internal and geriatric medicine and emergency and critical care. We know that our clients will love Dr. Aliano's calm, caring style, and we love the wealth of knowledge she is bringing with her to our veterinary team.

Farewell and Best Wishes Dr. Donald

It is with sadness that we are announcing Dr. Donald's departure from Westgate Pet Clinic on August 1st.  Dr. Donald has been a dedicated and caring doctor at Westgate for four years.  Prior to that she was part of our team as a drdonaldveterinary assistant for 3 years.  During her tenure at Westgate Dr. Donald has developed many meaningful relationships with our wonderful patients and their people and we will all miss Dr. Donald's calm, kind demeanor. Dr. Donald will be missed, yet we couldn't be more excited for her as she begins a new chapter in her life. Dr. Donald has always wanted to examine new ways to contribute to veterinary medicine, and will be be devoting her next year to exploring these paths.  We wish her all the best.



July: The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

CavalierHistory of the Breed

Chances are you've seen old, English tapestries and paintings that feature the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  This is because for centuries, the Cavalier has been a companion to artistrocratic families.  Although they have been used successfully as a sporting dog, they were primarily a house pet for the wealthy.  

Dogs that were bred to be companions typically have a very congenial nature, and the Cavalier is no exception.  This highly affectionate breed makes a fabulous family dog.  Cavaliers are active and sporting and love the companionship of a busy, loving household. They tend to consider strangers as friends, so usually do not make good guard dogs.  If you have small children and are looking to add a dog into the mix, the Cavalier would be a wonderful choice.

Health concerns

Palliative care focuses on a pet's comfort and quality of life

Palliate (verb): to relieve or lessen without curing.Old dog free
For many of us, pets are family, and dealing with a beloved animal's illness or declining health is very difficult. Although it can be an emotional topic to discuss, providing palliative care is an essential part of veterinary medicine. Palliative care is comfort care for pets with conditions that cannot be cured. Pets with serious health conditions, such as cancer, as well as otherwise healthy pets with age-related changes, such as arthritis, can benefit from palliative care.
The cornerstones of palliative care for pets include pain management, nutritional support and optimizing home space to increase comfort. Specific medications and care depend on the pet's and owner's needs. The goal is to provide compassionate, non-invasive, practical help that can significantly improve quality of life, and sometimes extend a pet's life. As the end of a pet's life nears, palliative care may also include hospice care.
Being able to provide this kind of help to pets and their people is deeply meaningful and important to us. Let us know if we can help.


Our Mission:

We provide the quality care our clients expect and their pets deserve, by relying on the expertise and
compassion of each team member.


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