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Hip dysplasia is the most commonly inherited orthopedic disease is dog.  It affects all dogs with some breeds more affected than others.  Large and giant breeds seem to have more problems with hip dysplasia but we can and do see it in small and toy breeds as well as cats.  


Hip dysplasia is the abnormal or faulty development of the hip.  This causes excessive wear on the joint cartilage and eventually leads to the development of osteoarthritis (OA).  There are multiple factors that lead to dysplasia including multiple genetic factors and environmental factors (ie. weight, age).  


The clinical signs associated with hip dysplasia are the result of the formation of osteoarthritis(OA).  The severe form of the disease can present as early as 5-12 months of age.  There is overt pain, lameness, low exercise tolerance, reluctance to jump or climb stairs.  You may hear a “click” when your pet is walking and muscle atrophy (decreased muscle mass) may be visible in the thigh muscles of the rear limbs.  Clinical signs in the milder, chronic form of hip dysplasia develop later in life and may initially present as mild discomfort and stiffness.  This can progress to more severe pain, difficulty getting up, hesitance with stairs and jumping and there is often a crepitus (a grating sound produced but the friction between bone and cartilage) and decreased range of motion in the hips.

October: The Pug

pug freeHistory of the Breed
The pug is one of the oldest known breeds of dogs with its anecestory dating back to Asia 400-700BC!  Aside from the Buddhist Monks in Tibet, only Chinese royalty were allowed to own pugs.  The punishment for having one of these dogs if you weren't amongst the elite, was death. 
The pug was brought to Europe in the 16th-17th century and quickly became a favorite of European royalty.  There are many stories of intrigue scattered through European history that involve the pug. For example, William the Silent, of the House of Orange, was alerted to the presence of would-be assasins by his loyal pug.
And, when Napoleon's wife, Josephine was thrown in jail, the only visitor she was allowed was her pug, Fortune.  She sent secret messages to Napleon by hiding them in Fortune's collar.

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