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What is an Oral Prophylaxis?

At Westgate Pet Clinic we are very proud of the services we offer and our approach to oral health care is no different.  There was a recent expose on ABC's 20/20 Free cat mouthregarding oral care in our pets and the veterinarian’s role in promoting such care.  The point of the episode was that veterinarians tend to “up sell” such services even though they’re not necessary.  To prove their point, they had a dog with clean teeth examined by different veterinarians in hopes of “trapping” them in promoting “un-necessary” procedures.  They visited several veterinarians, and one practitioner recommended a dental cleaning for the dog presented for exam, hence backing up their point that we're all in it for the up-sell. 

            My intent is to not rebut this episode point by point, though I take issue with many; but rather to discuss the importance of preventative care and the role the veterinarian plays in your pet‘s oral health.  Good oral health care is a holistic approach that not only entails a periodic professional oral prophylaxis (or dental cleaning), but also includes home care.  Teeth are an often-overlooked key point of pet care where “bad breath” is just a part of being a dog or cat.  Let’s explore what good oral care is at Westgate Pet Clinic and our approach to what exactly a "dental" is. 

Custom Engraving




Each urn, keepsake, or pendant has engraving specifications.  Engraving costs $20 for the first line and $5 for each additional line.  Please see the list below for information on how many characters and lines each urn, keepsake or pendant will accommodate.  


Product/Characters per line/Maximum number of lines

Oval Pendant:20-25 characters per line/ 4 lines max            

Frame Pendant:10-12 characters per line/ 3 lines max

Odyssey Paw Print Heart: 10 characters per line/ 2 lines max

Other Heart Keepsakes: 15 characters per line/ 3 lines max

Mini Urn Keepsakes: 12-20 characters per line/ 2 lines max

Petite Urn: 20 characters per line/ 3 lines max

Extra Small Urn: 30 characters per line/ 3 lines max

Small Urn: 40 characters per line/ 3 lines max

Medium Urn: 40 characters per line/ 4 lines max

Large/Family Urn: 40 characters per line/ 4 lines max

Urn Prices

This list will give you an idea of cost of the urn, and the size of pet the urn will accomodate.  Please note, urn styles and prices are subject to change.  Please call the clinic for final pricing and availability. 612-925-1121.  


Wooden Box: Bamboo  $145.12 (up to 115lbs)

Wooden Box: Cherry or Natural Finish $90 (up to 115lbs)

Wooden Box, photo urns: Natural, Cherry, or Black Finish $155.25 (up to 190lbs)

Pagoda: $121.50 (up to 30lbs)

Silhouette Cat: $198 (up to 20lbs)

Classic Pet: $252 (up to 75lbs)

Cozy Cats: $157.50 (up to 15lbs)

Traditional Cats Statue: $351 (pouncing style: up to 25lbs, tall cat style: up to 30lbs)

Traditional Cats Heart Shaped Keepsake:$163.13 (1-2 teaspoons of cremains)

Earthstone: $254.25 (up to 60lbs)

Odyssey: $166 (up to 60lbs)

Odyssey Heart Shaped Keepsake: $171 (1-2 teaspoons of cremains)

Traditional Shiny Brass: $169.87 (up to 35lbs)

Traditional Lotus Heart: $229.50 (up to 60lbs)

Classic Maus: $258.75 (100+ lbs)

Classic Maus Keepsake: $46.12 (up to 5lbs)

The Cloisonne Collection Going Home Elite: $382.50 (up to 40lbs)

The Cloisonne Collection Keepsake: $154.13 (up to 5lbs)

Avalon: $371.25 (up to 120lbs)

Avalon Keepsake: $90 (up to 5lbs)

Kitty Cloisonne: $409.50 (up to 15lbs)

Family/Large Pet Urns: $371.25 (100+ lbs)

Family/Large Pet Keepsake (not available in all styles): $46.12 (varies)

Family/Large Pet Heart Shaped Keepsake (not available in all styles): $162 (1-2 teaspoons of cremains)


Westgate Pet Clinic offers a variety of urns to respectively ensconce your special pet. 

The following links are offered so you can view urn options in the privacy of your own home.  Please note that urn styles and prices are subject to change.  Please call the clinic for final pricing and availability.  612-925-1121


Urn Styles 

For urn styles, Click Here. Please note, the following urn styles are unavailable: Little Feet, Mother of Pearl, and from the Cloisonne Collection, Floral Blue Elite and Floral Blush Elite.  Also, please see urn prices to determine the size of pet that each urn style will accommodate. 

Urn Prices 

For urn prices, Click Here. Please note that urn style and availability are based on the size of the pet.

Custom Engraving

Certain urns may be engraved. Click Here for engraving pricing and examples. 

Special Notes:

Cozy Cats and Traditional Cats statues: Cremains are ensconced in the statue.

Heart shaped keepsakes: These keepsakes only hold 1-2 teaspoons of cremains.  If you do not elect to have the rest of the ashes put into a separate urn, they will be returned to you in a cardboard box. 

A display stand for heart shaped keepsakes is available for an additional charge.

Urn pendants: These pendants drape over the urn.  (They contain no ashes)


Biodegradable Urns:  Available through



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