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Diarrhea, The other “D” Word

dog-schnauzer-portrait 1One of the most common medical problems I see in small animals is diarrhea. It is much more common in dogs than in cats so most of this article will address diarrhea in dogs. It can occur at any age of dog at any time of the year and can range in severity from “I couldn’t pick up my dog’s poop on our walk”, to “I didn’t think my dog would make it through the night.”

There are so many reasons for diarrhea, that it is often treated without specifically defining its cause. If possible we try to classify the diarrhea into sub-categories. How long has it been occurring (acute vs. chronic)? What is the frequency (normal or increased)? Is there urgency? Answers to these questions can help narrow down likely causes. We also like to know if the diarrhea is a primary (diarrhea results from an abnormality within the gastrointestinal (GI) tract) or a secondary (diarrhea is caused by a medical disorder involving an organ system other than the GI tract).

Nutrition and Supplements


Nutrition is an important part of an overall wellness and rehabilitation plan for your dog.

Obese animals

If your dog is overweight, making a weight loss plan with your veterinarian is important. We are learning more and more about how excess fat can have negative impacts on the body. Besides more weight for the pet to carry around, we know now that fat is an active organ, and participates in the inflammation process of the body. Prescription weight loss foods can help your pet achieve his or her optimum weight.

Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements are not regulated by the FDA, and many products do not meet their label claims. We carry only products that have been tested by an independent laboratory that has verified the products ingredient list.


Metabolic Advanced Weight Solutionnutrition 1

This unique pet food contains ingredients to stimulate your pet’s metabolism so he or she can attain ideal body weight.

Cost: Varies by weight, $1.67-$2.65/can, $20.00 6# dry canine, $35.95 8.5# dry feline. Call clinic for further pricing.  612-925-1121

Click here to learn more about Metabolic Diet



J/D (Joint Diet) Canine and Feline Mobilitynutrition 2

This diet has large amounts of supplemented EPA, a beneficial omega-3 fatty acid to reduce joint inflammation.

Cost: Varies by weight, $1.75-2.50/can, $27.96 8.5# dry canine, $42.95 8.5# dry feline.  Call clinic for further pricing.  612-925-1121

Click here to learn more about J/D dog and cat food



Cosequinnutrition 3

This glucosamine product is beneficial for supporting cartilage and joint health.

Cost: Varies by size, $18.70 for feline Cosequin 80 spinkle capsules. Each sprinkle capsule= 125mg glucosamine, 100mg chondroiton. $49.50 Large Dog Chewable 132 tablets.  Each large tab= 500mg glucosamine, 400mg chondroitin.  Call clinic for further pricing.  612-925-1121

Order on-line for pick up at the clinic, or home-delivery



AllergG3nutrition 4

Omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial for reducing inflammation in joints. The anti-inflammatory dose of EPA/DHA is 50mg/kg total per day of EPA and DHA combined. 

Cost: Varies by weight, $14.65 Small Pet size 60 capsules per bottle.  1 small capsule = 183mg of EPA/DHA.  Call clinic for further pricing.  612-925-1121

Order on-line for pick up at the clinic



Synovi-G3 Granules

This flavored powder contains omega fatty acids and glucosamine.  synovi G3

Cost: $64.75 960g tub

Order on-line for pick up at the clinic







Incontinence Products


Incontinence is a common condition in middle aged to older dogs. Many times, incontinence can be cured with medication. For those pets who still leak even on medication, management with diapers, potty pads, and waterless shampoos is beneficial.



Re-usable Diapers

dog diaperReusable diapers have a spot to place a kotex pad. dog diaper

Cost: Simple Solution small diaper $19.41, Medium diaper $21.82.

Disposable pads: $5.17

Westgate Pet Clinic has sizes small and medium in stock.  Other sizes available special order.  Green color.  Stop in the clinic to purchase, or Click here to pre-order

For designer designs, and belly bands for male dogs, order direct from or by clicking here



Disposable Diapers

Cost: Fashion colors size small kept in stock.  $13.51/12 count.  Extra-small available by special order. 

Stop in the clinic to purchase, or Click here to pre-orderfashion diaper



This hormone supplement helps many dogs with estrogen responsive incontinence. It is given every 5-7 days after the initial start up period.

Cost: Call clinic for pricing

Click here for refills if your pet is already on this medication




This incontinence medication helps tighten the urethral sphincter. It is given 2-3 times a day.

Cost: $24.00 25mg bottle of 60, $30.00 50mg bottle of 60

Click here for refills if your pet is already on this medication



Potty Pads

For use on dog beds and furniture. The plastic liner prevents leakage.

Cost: $9.50/10 pack

Stop in the clinic to purchase, or Click here to pre-order


Waterless Shampoo

This waterless mousse smells great, and helps clean skin and fur when it is not possible to give a bath.

Cost: $27.00dog shampoo

Stop in the clinic to purchase, or Click here to pre-order.


Nature's Miracle Carpet Cleanernatures miracle

To truly clean carpets that have been soiled with urine, an enzymatic cleaner, like Nature's Miracle, is necessary.  After a urine accident occurs, press clean, dry towels to the soiled carpet to try to soak up and remove the majority of the urine.  Then pour Nature's Miracle directly on the soiled carpet until it is saturated with cleaner.  Allow the cleaner to air dry.

Cost: Pint $7.54, Qt $10.33, Gallon $40.02 

Stop in the clinic to purchase, or Click here to pre-order.











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rehab dr hersheyDr. Teresa Hershey, Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist and DVM

Dr. Teresa Hershey is not only a veterinarian, but also a  Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (CCRT),  and certified in Medical Acupuncture (CvMA). 
Click here to learn more about how rehabilitation therapy and acupuncture 
can benefit your pet


Gastropexy for Bloat

great-dane-puppy-dogBloat – a more technical term is gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV) – is a life threatening condition that requires immediate medical and surgical intervention. Westgate Pet Clinic offers a minimally invasive surgery called laparoscopic assisted prophylactic gastropexy (LAPG) that is highly effective in preventing GDV. 

First, some basics: 

1)     Bloat – or GDV –is caused when the stomach becomes filled with gas, liquid and food. The exact mechanism is not fully understood, but occasionally this combination greatly distends the stomach and causes rotation on its axis – hence cutting off blood supply to the stomach.  In addition, gas and ingesta are entrapped – further distending the stomach with gas. This condition is extremely painful for the affected patient. The lack of blood flow allows toxins to accumulate in stagnate gastric blood – upon surgical correction, this unleashes a plethora of toxins that can cause organ failure including significant cardiac arrhythmias.

2)     Treatment is aimed at decompression (evacuating the stomach contents – hence relieving pain) and then surgical de-rotation of the stomach followed by anchoring the stomach to the body wall to prevent GDV from occurring again. 

3)     Post operative complications are frequent – up to 80% in some studies – and is a period of high mortality. These complications are often a result of the toxemia noted above.

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