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Preventing Heat Stroke

Heatstroke is defined as a state of extremely elevated body temperature (106-109F). While rare in cats, it occurs frequently in dogs, particularly those that are obese or have upper airway obstruction, e.g. laryngeal paralysis, and in brachycephalics

Ear Infections in Dogs and Cats



As many owners know far too well, ear problems in dogs and cats can be incredibly uncomfortable. The scratching, head shaking, and self-trauma that is associated with ear infections or ear inflammation can be incessant and may even keep pets and owners up in the middle of the night.

Lily Toxicity in Cats

A common springtime and summer hazard:
As spring unfolds, lilies will become more common in households or in domestic flower gardens across Minnesota. According to Michigan State University Extension's Grower Guide, Easter lilies are the third most important flowering potted-plant grown in the United States, with 10-11 million plants produced annually. Unfortunately, many types of lilies pose a deadly threat to cats.

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