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For Sale: Minneapolis Pet Licenses

Westgate Pet Clinic now offers you the convenience of purchasing your pet's Minneapolis Pet License right here at the clinic! All pets that reside in the City of Minneapolis are required to have a rabies vaccine and be licensed. Income from licenses goes directly to Minneapolis Animal Care and Control which provides routine and emergency veterinary services to all stray animals and helps stray pets be reunited with their owner or find their forever home. Ask us about purchasing a license today!

How to Prevent Recurring Ear Infections

Dog getting ears checkedAccording to Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI), the most common medical condition for dogs is ear infections. Follow these simple instructions to minimize the chance of reoccurring ear infections:
1. Always clean ears after swimming or bathing
2. Completely finish any medications prescribed by your veterinarian
3. Come in for a progress check to make sure the ear infection is gone
4. Perform weekly ear cleaning for maintenance

Zoonoses: What Can I Catch From My Pet?


Zoonoses are infectious diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans or from humans to animals. Transmission most commonly occurs between humans and pets or farm animals.

The list of zoonoses which involve household pets is extensive and here are a few more common ones: Rabies, Leptospirosis, intestinal parasites, Toxoplasmosis and Cat Scratch Fever.

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