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Emergencies and Urgent Care

Urgent care patients can be seen right at Westgate Pet Clinic.  We reserve spots each day specifically for patients that need to be seen on an urgent basis.

When the clinic is open, we can also see emergencies.  Our staff is trained to recognize and respond to emergencies quickly.  If your pet is having a life-threatening emergency, and you are able to call us in-route, that will help us prepare for your arrival. 

If your pet has an urgent care or emergency need after the clinic closes, we refer all of our patients to Affiliated Emergency Veterinary Service or the University of Minnesota Veterinary Emergency Service.

If your pet has ingested a potentialy toxic substance, please call the clinic, or the Pet Poison Control Hotline



Map to Affiliated Emergency Veterinary Service: Eden Prairie.  

Contact: 952-942-8272. 
7717 Flying Cloud Drive  Eden Prairie,MN 55344


Map to Affiliated Emergency Veterinary Service: Golden Valley. 

Contact: 763-529-6560. 

4708 Olson Memorial Hwy  Golden Valley,MN 55422






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Directions to University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine
Contact: 612-625-9711


Prescription Pick Up at Clinic

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Picking up a prescription at our clinic?

Please allow 24 business hours for your prescription to be ready for pickup. If you need it filled sooner, please call and speak with a team member at the clinic. A staff member will contact you if we encounter any difficulties filling your request.  

*Please note, unless otherwise indicated, your prescription will be refilled at the last quantity prescribed

Message about purchasing on-line:

Why should I purchase my medication from Westgate's on-line pharmacy versus a big, national on-line pharmacy?

Many veterinary products are not legally sold to large on-line pharmacies. These pharmacies get the medications through a third party. Drug manufacturers are trying to curb this practice by not guaranteeing medications that are not purchased from a veterinarian. For example, if you purchase heartworm pills from a national on-line pharmacy, and your pet gets heartworm disease, or an intestinal parasite infection, the drug company's guarantee of their product is null and void.

At Westgate Pet Clinic, we thank you for purchasing your pet's medication at our clinic, or through our on-line pharmacy. We try hard to keep our medications competitively priced, and we work with drug manufacturers to offer rebates and special offers for our clients.

Who runs our on-line pharmacy?

Our on-line pharmacy,, is run by Midwest Veterinary Supply located in Lakeville, MN.  Midwest Veterinary Supply guarantees all of its medications are purchased directly from drug manufacturers.   They price their products competitively and try to keep shipping costs low on medications and supplements.  On Medications, if your order is more then $38, shipping is free.  (For food, the shipping cost is higher because of the weight of the food.)  You don't need to worry about product source or efficacy when purchasing through Midwest Veterinary Supply.  It's the same medications we buy for our clinic.

Return Policy for products purchased on-line and delivered to your home: 

If the product you purchased is unopened, and we keep it in stock at Westgate Pet Clinic, you can return the product for a full refund at the veterinary clinic.  An example of this would be Heartgard Plus or Nexgard. You must have your receipt in order to receive a refund. 

If the product you purchased is not a product we stock at Westgate Pet Clinic, and it is a prescription medication, then it is non-refundable.  Myvetstoreonline only accepts returns for non-prescription items such as nutritional supplements, toys and shampoos that are unopened.  In addition, they charge a $10 restocking fee.  

In addition, refrigerated items are not eligible for a refund as well as products that are opened and used.

The exception to the return policy would be prescription foods.  We can always issue a credit for a prescription food if your pet will not eat or tolerate the food. You will not be reimbursed for shipping fees on prescription foods delivered to your home. 



Current Clients:
Please log into your client account under "Clients" to make appointments, access clinic educational materials, and view your pet's health history.  You may also call our clinic at (612)925-1121 to make an appointment via phone.
New Clients:
Please fill out below form to make an appointment if your pet has not been previously seen by one of our veterinarians.  A member of our staff will contact you within 24 hours:

Henry's Story

Henry's Storyhenry


Henry first came to Westgate Pet Clinic when he was 12 ½  years old.  Henry's moms brought him to our rehabilitation service because his joint arthritis was negatively impacting his quality of life.  He took a daily pain medication, but he would still show some signs of discomfort.  He was also losing strength in his back legs.  He had difficulty going up stairs, and sometimes his legs would give out on him. 

Henry had torn both of his cruciate ligaments in his knees several years prior and had had them both repaired.  He then developed arthritis in both knees, and to compound that, he also has arthritis in his right hip.  The effect of this was that both of his back legs were painful.  He had muscle wasting, poor range of motion, and was living with chronic pain. 

Henry's owner's main goal was for him to have as minimal discomfort as possible during his golden years.  We started by customizing a pain medication plan that better fit the problems and symptoms he had.   The pain pathways in mammals is very complex, and using drugs that target different parts of the nervous system is the best way to manage pain.   Next, we developed a rehabilitation program to address some of his weaknesses.  Improving strength, coordination, flexibility and endurance were our main goals. 

Initially we started by seeing Henry twice a week at the clinic.  His mom would drop him off in the morning, and pick him up after work.  In between getting walked by "Auntie Sue" and the other dedicated staff at Westgate, he got a work out that was specially designed to meet our rehab goals.  Henry ran on the treadmill, had targeted electrical stimulation of his muscles, did special balance and strength exercises and performed active stretching.  When the session was over, he was tired, but he enjoyed the stretching and icing we did for him.  We also used acupuncture as a tool to help with his arthritis pain.

Within a month, Henry's owners were noticing that he had more spring in his step.  After several months, they saw him "counter surfing" which he hadn't done in years because he was previously to sore to rock back on his back legs and stand up. 

Although Henry's arthritis will never go away, his quality of life has improved.  He can go for longer walks with his owners, and is comfortable most of the time.  He still comes in for a session once a week to keep his strength up.  His favorite exercise is the hurtles and he usually starts doing them while we're setting them up and continues even while we're trying to take them down.  Every person at Westgate knows and loves Henry, and we feel fortunate that we are able to help him stay strong and active so he can age gracefully.

Jamie's Story


Jamie was unable to walk and in terrible pain from a disk problem in his neck. Acupuncture helped relieve his pain, and allowed him to run and play again.    

Anyone who knows Boston Terriers knows that the charm of their personality is their zest for life. When Jamie lost that, it made his crippling neck pain even more distressing. Jamie had a disk in between the vertebrae of his neck that was pressing on his spinal cord. Not only was he in pain, but he was unable to stand, and his left front leg was frozen in a stiff position.

Jamie was put on steroids and pain medication, the traditional treatment for disk disease in dogs. But this wasn't enough to alleviate Jamie's symptoms. He was still unable to walk and whimpered and cried from pain. As a last resort, we decided to try acupuncture to help with his pain. Just a couple of needles were placed around his head, neck and arm. Within a couple of days of the first treatment, Jamie was walking again, and significantly more comfortable. He still had some stiffness in his left front leg when we saw him back a week later. After the second treatment, he was able to bend his left front leg and his old personality was starting to come back. At the third visit, Jamie looked almost normal. He was active and wanting attention. His mom said he was loving life again. Acupuncture provided the appropriate nervous system stimulation he needed to allow his body to heal.

 "When Jamie didn't respond well to the meds, and I was facing the possibility of losing him if the pain couldn't be controlled, acupuncture really seemed like the last chance for him. I was astonished at the results, even after the first treatment, and am relieved and thrilled to have my wild, happy little Boston back. I am grateful that Dr. Hershey has attained certification in acupuncture and physical therapy. This is a very valuable addition to Westgate's offerings, and I recommend her services very highly"

-Linda, Jamie's mom

Our Mission:

We provide the quality care our clients expect and their pets deserve, by relying on the expertise and
compassion of each team member.


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