Annual Physical Examination & Timely Vaccinations

westgate2010_dsc04946An annual physical examination of your pet by our veterinarians is the best way to assure that your pet is healthy. Medical problems must be prevented or treated before the illness is serious. We can't rely on your pet to communicate to you. Allowing your pet to be examined each year by our veterinarians is the single most important duty of a pet owner. 

Every annual visit includes an exam of the ears with an otoscope, listening to sounds of heart and lungs with a stethoscope, taking body temperature with an electronic thermometer, exam of teeth & gums to assess oral health, exam of the eyes, palpation of lymph nodes and abdomen to evaluate size of organs, exam of hair coat & nail quality, and monitoring of weight.

As your pet ages, we offer additional annual monitoring of certain blood tests, urine tests and an electrocardiogram as part of our comprehensive geriatric health program. To learn more about common tests performed see the section titled Important Tests. An annual report card will highlight the current health of your pet and our individualized recommendations.

  • Advancement in science allows us to protect your pet from serious viral diseases, including rabies. Minnesota constantly ranks in the top five states in reported cases of rabies.
  • Parvovirus causes severe bloody diarrhea in dogs. Parvovirus is treated with intensive fluid therapy and antibiotics but commonly results in death.
  • In cats leukemia virus has no treatment. Eighty percent of cats that have leukemia will die within 3 years.

These viral diseases have all been seen by our veterinarians. All these serious viral diseases can be prevented by regular, routine vaccination.

Intestinal parasites are also a common problem for pets that travel outside their backyard. Roundworms are the most commonly found parasite in both cats and dogs. A yearly fecal examination is recommended for all pets that go outdoors even occasionally.

Our computer will inform you by postcard when your pet is due for vaccinations and fecal parasite examinations.