Helping Paws WAG, WALK & RUN

Written by Administrator.

Wag, Walk & Run!The Westgate staff participated in the annual Helping Paws Wag, Walk and Run on Saturday May 21st. The event was held at Purgatory Creek Recreation Area in Eden Prairie.

Thunderstorms the morning of the walk didn't deter our team! We all powered up by eating McDonald's breakfast in the parking lot before heading over to get ready for the walk. Luckily for us, the rain held off for most of the walk. The dogs were very well-behaved and tolerated the rain quite nicely!

Thank you to all of our clients who donated and to all of the participants!

From the Helping Paws website:
Helping Paws is a volunteer-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to further the independence of people with physical disabilities (other than blindness or deafness) through the use of service dogs.

Helping Paws service dogs promote self-sufficiency and empower people with physical disabilities. The dogs are not just companions, they are hardworking partners that allow many of our graduates to live more free, unconstrained lives both at home and in public. The dogs not only help with daily living tasks but also give added confidence and renewed self-esteem. The friendship and companionship of a Helping Paws service dog is priceless.