Safe Anesthesia

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Our facilities use the safest anesthetics available for pets and while under anesthesia your pet will always be monitored by the most sophisticated monitoring devices available.

westgate2010_dsc04973Our surgery monitor measures respiratory rate, pulse rate, lead II electrocardiogram, and pulse oximetry measurement of blood oxygen concentration. Monitoring these parameters allows us to constantly evaluate how safely your pet's surgery is proceeding without having to rely solely on our own observations.

Placement of an intravenous catheter before anesthesia induction provides a safe and immediately effective path for the administration of all necessary medications before during and after surgery. Fluids are administered during and after recovery from anesthesia to maintain hydration and encourage the rapid recovery from the anesthetic procedure.

The pre-anesthetics are given to help relax your pet and to provide pain control. These pre-anesthetics also allow the veterinarian to use smaller quantities of the additional anesthetics required to complete surgery. Additional pain medications after surgery will provide your pet with a comfortable recovery.

The induction-anesthetics allow the placement of the breathing tube called an endo-tracheal tube. This tube provides a clear airway for your pet to breath pure oxygen administered from a compressed tank. Tube placement and oxygen administration are a key element for the safety of any anesthetic procedure and are always done.

Our maintenance-anesthetic is always a gas called isoflorane or sevoflorane. It is administered by mixing the florane with the oxygen the pet is breathing. The anesthesia machine administering the oxygen/flurane mix is a very precise medical instrument that can make adjustments as small as ΒΌ percent. This machine is recalibrated at regular intervals. In an emergency the machine dial could be moved to zero percent allowing the pet to wake up within minutes. Isoflurane and sevoflurane gas anesthesia are incredibly safe because these rapid adjustments in the depth of consciousness are possible.Safe Anethesia