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Doctors hours are scheduled by phone. Your appointment will be made specifically with the doctor requested.  We are closed Sundays and major Holidays. Please be specific about the reasons for making an appointment. If you believe your pet needs immediate medical attention, please specifically inform our staff. This information will help them determine the urgency of your appointment.

Vaccinations are considered routine appointments.

Urgent but non-emergency appointments are taken seriously. There is no reason a pet should suffer any additional physical discomfort because of our busy schedule. We do ask for your tolerance while we adjust our scheduling.

Emergency appointments will always be seen by a doctor, but please phone ahead with your name, your pet's name, and your pet's problem so that we may prepare for your visit. After-hour emergency appointments are handled by the Affiliated Emergency Veterinary Service. This facility is open when we are closed. For additional information call 763-529-6560 for AEVS Golden Valley or 952-942-8272 for AEVS Eden Prairie.Appointments

Medical Appointments

westgate2010_dsc05012It is important that the person bringing in the pet be informed of its problem, duration, and severity. If easily obtained, a urine and/or fecal specimen may be very appropriate. 

We encourage you to walk your dog outside prior to your appointment. This allows the nervous dog patient time for all restroom duties. Individual waiting rooms separate dog and cat patients. Dogs should always be on a leash so that they are under your direct control. To avoid cats escaping in our parking lot, a pillow case is recommended for traveling. Cats can easily breathe and see through the linen. Larger pet carriers for dogs and cats also do the job. 

Laboratory tests may be performed. Many lab results will be available the same day. Consult with the doctor when test results will be available. When calling for results, a technician assigned to your case will promptly talk with you, informing you of the results or when to expect a return call from the veterinarian .

Always ask questions if your are unsure of treatment or follow-up plans.

Surgery and Dental Prophy Appointments

AppointmentsAll surgeries and dentistries are performed during the morning hours and are scheduled Monday through Friday. Appointments are necessary for all routine procedures. Typically you must schedule about a week in advance.

To schedule an appointment your pet must be current on vaccinations and have been examined by our veterinarians within the last 6 months.

Withhold all food after 8 p.m. the night before surgery. Water and other fluids should be withheld by early morning. For your pet's safety and comfort, surgery may be postponed if these precautions are not followed.

Please arrive between 7 - 7:30 a.m. Feel free to walk your dog at the east-side yard to do all restroom duties before entering. There is no charge for dropping off your pet the night before surgery. Your pet will be held until complete anesthesia recovery. Clients are welcome to call anytime about the status of their pets. Calling after 2 p.m. will provide the most information about your pet's surgery and recovery.

The staff will ask you to review and sign a surgical consent form the morning of your pet's surgery. This form outlines the responsibilities of our staff, its veterinarians, and the owner. There is a small risk with every anesthetic. Depending on your pet's age and health status this risk may change to some degree. We require routine blood testing before anesthesia to insure your pet's good health and rapid anesthetic recovery.  (Lab Tests within the last six months with normal results).

Pre-Anesthetic Lab Tests

AppointmentsPre-anesthetic lab tests are diagnostic blood testing done before your pet's medical procedure. Testing determines if there is any blood or organ dysfunction that would make an anesthetic procedure risky.

Appropriate lab tests may depend on the age and past history of the pet, but commonly involves a blood sample drawn the morning of the planned procedure. A Complete Blood Count (CBC) analyzes red and white blood cells, searching for anemia, infection of dehydration. A platelet count helps verify your pet's ability to clot normally. Blood chemistry testing analyzes kidney and liver function - important organs that can be effected by anesthetic and important in clearing the anesthetic from the body. All pets are also screened for diabetes.

Our Westgate Clinic is fully equipped with up-to-date labs, enabling us to run these tests on the premises with results within 30 minutes. For the safety of the pet, if any condition is found which would make anesthesia unsafe, we postpone the procedure until the pet is better.

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