Quality Service

westgate2010_dsc04938We strive to be an advocate for your pet's best care. For this veterinary care to be available, our facilities are staffed with dedicated professionals which have the knowledge and skill to use many of today's new and improving technologies.

Anesthesia, Radiology, 
Dentistry & Surgery Services

  • Surgery suite with up-to-date gas anesthesia machines for safe surgical procedures. 
  • Anesthesia monitoring devices for early detection of emergency situations. All anesthetic procedures are monitored by a non-invasive device that continuously tracks arterial blood oxygen saturation (pulse oximetry), pulse rate, pulse strength and respiratory rate.
  • Sterile surgical procedure, including an autoclave to sterilize all instruments and the use of sterile surgery gowns, masks and gloves.
  • Dental prophylaxis, including ultrasonic scaling with a special periprobe tip to allow scaling to be completed below the gum line. The teeth are polished with a fluoride paste.
  • X-ray equipment is capable of producing diagnostic x-rays from even large pets. Our digital radiographs allow for rapid image processing that can also be sent over the internet for board certified radiologist consultation.

Laboratory Services

Quality Services
  • Automated blood analyzer for quick and accurate whole blood counts.
  • Serum chemistry machine for pre-anesthetic screening and for immediate diagnostic testing of critically ill pets.
  • Other in-house diagnostic tests for heartworm disease, feline leukemia and fecal analysis.
  • Local laboratory affiliation for complete analysis of any blood test.

Special Services

Quality Services
  • Precise measurement of eye pressure with an electronic instrument called a Tonopen. This instrument is used to monitor and treat glaucoma.
  • Complete line of Prescription Diet and Science Diet foods are conveniently available in all sizes manufactured.
  • Behavioral consulting, including weekly puppy preschool classes and informational handouts to help correct many of your pet's worst vices.
  • We have a computer program which accurately handles our billing, medical records, vaccination reminders, and educational handouts.