Urn Prices

This list will give you an idea of cost of the urn, and the size of pet the urn will accomodate.  Please note, urn styles and prices are subject to change.  Please call the clinic for final pricing and availability. 612-925-1121.  


Wooden Box: Bamboo  $145.12 (up to 115lbs)

Wooden Box: Cherry or Natural Finish $90 (up to 115lbs)

Wooden Box, photo urns: Natural, Cherry, or Black Finish $155.25 (up to 190lbs)

Pagoda: $121.50 (up to 30lbs)

Silhouette Cat: $198 (up to 20lbs)

Classic Pet: $252 (up to 75lbs)

Cozy Cats: $157.50 (up to 15lbs)

Traditional Cats Statue: $351 (pouncing style: up to 25lbs, tall cat style: up to 30lbs)

Traditional Cats Heart Shaped Keepsake:$163.13 (1-2 teaspoons of cremains)

Earthstone: $254.25 (up to 60lbs)

Odyssey: $166 (up to 60lbs)

Odyssey Heart Shaped Keepsake: $171 (1-2 teaspoons of cremains)

Traditional Shiny Brass: $169.87 (up to 35lbs)

Traditional Lotus Heart: $229.50 (up to 60lbs)

Classic Maus: $258.75 (100+ lbs)

Classic Maus Keepsake: $46.12 (up to 5lbs)

The Cloisonne Collection Going Home Elite: $382.50 (up to 40lbs)

The Cloisonne Collection Keepsake: $154.13 (up to 5lbs)

Avalon: $371.25 (up to 120lbs)

Avalon Keepsake: $90 (up to 5lbs)

Kitty Cloisonne: $409.50 (up to 15lbs)

Family/Large Pet Urns: $371.25 (100+ lbs)

Family/Large Pet Keepsake (not available in all styles): $46.12 (varies)

Family/Large Pet Heart Shaped Keepsake (not available in all styles): $162 (1-2 teaspoons of cremains)