Westgate Pet Clinic says goodbye to one of its own

Ben Roxy 2008Dr. Bennett Porter III, the third official veterinarian of the Porter family, has decided to retire.  After being a veterinarian for 32 years, and owning Westgate for 17 years, Dr. Porter has decided that the time is right to leave practice.  Don't worry, he's in good health, and is planning on taking time to pursue his hobbies of biking, playing piano, and working with stained glass.

When asked if he would like to say anything to the clients and friends of Westgate that he has cherished throughout the years, the always humble Dr. Porter simply said, tell everyone "Thank You".


Westgate Pet Clinic is delighted to announce Dr. Catherine Hageman as a new addition to Westgate Pet Clinic.  Dr. Hageman hales from Fort Collins, Colorado, and has been enjoying our Minnesota hospitality for a little over a year now.  Dr. Hageman is a 2002 graduate of Colorado State University Veterinary College and a certified veterinary acupuncturist.  Dr. Hageman has an interest in complicated medical cases and enjoys building relationships with pets and their people!