How Should I Travel with My Pet

dog drivingHow should I travel with my pet?

For safety purposes, it is best if your pet is either in a well ventilated crate or wears a seat belt harness in the back seat.  These can be purchased and fitted by many pet stores.  If you’re in a car and it comes to a sudden stop, being in the front seat can be very dangerous for a pet.  Depending on how you are traveling, the crate sizes and structures can vary, and we will talk more about what airlines require of a crate when we get to the section on traveling by plane.

A discussion about sedatives while traveling is one you should have with your veterinarian.  Some airlines forbid sedatives for the pet’s safety, and many times you can work your pet up to longer travels by taking shorter car rides with them leading up to the trip instead of using sedatives. On the other hand, if you pet is very anxious, it might make for a better trip for everyone, if a sedative is used.