How to throw a dog holiday party

   The Holidays are here and that means spending time with the ones we love the most, so why shouldn’t we include our 4 footed friends too? 



The Guest List:

When planning a dog holiday party, take into consideration the temperament of the canine guests.  Only dogs that you know get along together should be allowed to play together.  If you have human friends that you don’t want to miss the party, but they have unruly dogs, you may need to schedule shifts of play time.  The dog guests that aren’t playing can retire to a kennel  or the owner’s car if the weather is appropriate and the dog behaves himself in the car. 


 holiday yappy hour



The Invitations:

Try creating your own personal invitation through a photo-editing website like  These websites allow you to customize photos with frames and icons, and add text to create fun invitations.  Many features on these sites are free to use.

The Food:

Any food served to your canine guests should be “one bite” foods.  When appetizers are served, ask the dogs to sit with some space between them and have their owners give the treat.  Don’t offer treats that take a while to chew, like rawhides.  This might start fights between the dogs.  Some dogs have food allergies, or are on special prescription diets.  Ask your friends ahead of time if there are special diet requirements.   Try this recipe for gingerbread dog biscuits from   For an even more festive cookie, cut the biscuits out using small holiday cookie cutters.


gingerbread dog treats


The Party Games:

Just letting your dog and their friends play is entertainment enough for both of you.  If you wanted to plan some games, however, try setting up a small agility course in a backyard or large carpeted room.  Set up small hurtles, or obstacles for the dogs to weave through.  Turning your living room into an agility course may make some of the dogs nervous.  Don’t force any dog to participate if they seem anxious. 

The Gift Bag: 

Try one of these suggestions:

Take a picture of each of the guests and slip it inside a wood photo frame ornament.  Get 12 unfinished ornaments for $6 at   

Make an easy tug toy by braiding festive flannel material into a rope.  Tie a knot on each of the ends.

Stop by LuLu and Luigi’s in St. Louis Park, Wayzata, or White Bear Lake and shop at their fabulous dog bakery for a yummy take-home treat. 




After the party: 

Send a holiday video through  Upload the canine guest’s pictures and help your friends remember the fun!  Copy and past this URL to check out one of their free e-cards.