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Dogs that Panic during nail trimming:
How to train your dog to accept nail trimming.

Many dogs hate having their toenails trimmed. If you hold your dog down to trim his nails, no one is having fun! Instead, try to get your dog's "buy in" to the procedure. Dogs that are afraid of nail trimming need to be desensitized to the procedure.
Start by getting a really yummy treat that you would normally not give your dog- like cheese, or hotdogs. Call your dog over, and feed them treats while touching their paws. If your dog tolerates this, then you can go to the next step, which is just bringing the toe nail trimmer out. Many dogs will run away at this point. Just set the trimmer a short distance from you and call him over and feed him treats. Do this every day until he is comfortable getting treats with the trimmer near you. The next step is to give treats while the trimmer is in your hand. Most dogs will exhibit anxiety each time you get a step closer to actually trimming a nail. It is important to not advance past a certain step until your dog is comfortable. Once your dog is comfortable with you holding the trimmer and giving treats then hold his paw and the trimmer and give treats. When the time comes that you can actually trim a nail, just do one nail and give lots of treats and praise. This is a huge success if you can trim one toenail without holding him down! Try doing one nail a day and by the end of the month, all 4 feet will be done!

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Doctor Tip: 

Keep toenails short by trimming them frequently.  Long toenails can snag and tear.  If a dog tears a toenail, sometimes they need to be sedated to have the nail removed.  In addition, long toenails can alter a dog's gait.  Toenails that turn out to the side can make the toes turn as well.  This puts stress on the tendons and joints of the foot.  



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