Caring for Bandages

westgate2010_dsc04996Great care goes into the wrapping of cotton bandages. Please care for bandages as the doctor has instructed. No bandage should go more than 4 days without being examined by the doctor (unless otherwise instructed).

Protect the bandage from getting wet. A snowy or rainy day can quickly ruin a bandage. When a bandage is on a leg, cover it with a plastic bag while the pet is outdoors. Remove the plastic bag when the pet comes inside or body moisture will soon dampen it.

The bandage should be examined daily by the owner for early signs of problems. Call us if any of the following develop:

    • Chewing or licking. This can often be controlled by bad-tasting sprays applied to the bandage. Occasionally protective collars around the head are used.
    • Movement or rotation.
    • Swelling or redness observed around the bandage.
    • Bad odors. This often indicates the bandage has gotten wet inadvertently or that more frequent bandage changes are indicated.
    • Sudden development of tenderness.