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Jamie's Story


Jamie was unable to walk and in terrible pain from a disk problem in his neck. Acupuncture helped relieve his pain, and allowed him to run and play again.    

Anyone who knows Boston Terriers knows that the charm of their personality is their zest for life. When Jamie lost that, it made his crippling neck pain even more distressing. Jamie had a disk in between the vertebrae of his neck that was pressing on his spinal cord. Not only was he in pain, but he was unable to stand, and his left front leg was frozen in a stiff position.

Jamie was put on steroids and pain medication, the traditional treatment for disk disease in dogs. But this wasn't enough to alleviate Jamie's symptoms. He was still unable to walk and whimpered and cried from pain. As a last resort, we decided to try acupuncture to help with his pain. Just a couple of needles were placed around his head, neck and arm. Within a couple of days of the first treatment, Jamie was walking again, and significantly more comfortable. He still had some stiffness in his left front leg when we saw him back a week later. After the second treatment, he was able to bend his left front leg and his old personality was starting to come back. At the third visit, Jamie looked almost normal. He was active and wanting attention. His mom said he was loving life again. Acupuncture provided the appropriate nervous system stimulation he needed to allow his body to heal.

 "When Jamie didn't respond well to the meds, and I was facing the possibility of losing him if the pain couldn't be controlled, acupuncture really seemed like the last chance for him. I was astonished at the results, even after the first treatment, and am relieved and thrilled to have my wild, happy little Boston back. I am grateful that Dr. Hershey has attained certification in acupuncture and physical therapy. This is a very valuable addition to Westgate's offerings, and I recommend her services very highly"

-Linda, Jamie's mom

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