Cats Only: If your cat needs to stay with us

Occasionally, your cat may need to stay at the veterinary clinic for additional treatments or tests.  We do our best to make your cats stay with us as stress free as possible with the following techniques:

  1. Cage set-up: Cats feel more comfortable when they can hide.  We will use the bottom half of your carrier or one of our hiding boxes for your cat to curl up in.  We also cover the bottom half of the door of the kennel with a towel to allow for more privacy.  When possible, we use a kennel that is mid-level or higher and all of our kennels are side-by-side, so your cat never needs to face another cat.
  2. Feeding: Bringing your cat's food from home can be helpful to encourage your cat to eat.  Our technicians try to get to know each of our feline patients individually and they recognize when a cat prefers to eat in privacy, or for some cats, if they like to get petted and groomed during meal times. 
  3. Handling:  Our team gets special training on how cats prefer to get handled to reduce their stress
  4. Comfort: If possible, bring a blanket, towel or toy from home that we can put in your cats kennel to make her feel more comfortable.  Please note, if these items get soiled, we will wash them, and we make every attempt to return the item to it's rightful owner.  Please leave irreplaceable items at home though.