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Cats Only: When you arrive at Westgate Pet Clinic

Once you get to Westgate Pet Clinic check in at the front desk, and find the Cat Waiting Area.  Follow these tips for making your veterinary visit as stress-free as possible.

  1. The clinic tends to be quieter during the middle of day, if possible, schedule your appointment between 10am-3pm Monday-Friday.
  2. Always bring your cat in a carrier, never just carry your cat into the clinic.  Cats feel safer if they have a hiding place.
  3. Place the carrier on the benches and chairs in the Cat Waiting area, facing the door of the carrier to the back rest of the chair.  Cats feel safer if they aren't placed on the floor.
  4. Let our receptionists know if your cat gets nervous at the veterinary clinic.  We will make every attempt to put you and your cat in an exam room right away.
  5. Once you arrive in the exam room, you will notice something that looks likes an air freshener plugged into an outlet.  This is a special Feliway phermone diffuser that only your cat can smell and is meant to relax him or her.  Learn more about Feliway
  6. During the examination, we will provide a towel if you haven't brought one from home, so we can cover or wrap part of your cat if needed during the exam to make her feel safer.  If you bring a towel from home, this is even better because the smell will already be familiar to her.
  7. Cats will pick up on your stress or anxiety.  Try to remain relaxed during the exam.  In addition, if your cat is getting stressed during the exam, try avoid petting her.  The veterinary team has special training on how to handle nervous cats and we will wrap and handle your cat in a way to safely examine and treat your cat.  Petting your cat during the exam will sometimes make your cat more anxious, especially if you are anxious.


We want your cat visit to be educational and enjoyable.  We can make special accomodations for you and your cat including calling us from the parking lot so that we can put you directly into an exam room, checking you out in the exam room so you can avoid the busy lobby and scheduling a special Quiet Cat Appointment.



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