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Redirected Aggression


Redirected aggression is when your cat is frightened or upset about something and then takes it on an innocent party.  This commonly can happen if your cat sees another cat or animal outside a window and then gets upset and ready to fight.  The other cat in the household just walks into the room, and the angry cat attacks him.  This can set up a scenario that whenever the two cats see each other they fight, even though they were best friends before.



Do not go near the upset cat. He can also become very aggressive with you and people have ended up in the emergency room when their cat attacks them.  If two cats are fighting do not get your hands or feet near them. You can try throwing a blanket on them, or using a broom. Thick gloves may be needed to separate them.  Use extreme caution. After an episode like this happens, sometimes the cats will continue to attack each other whenever they see each other.

Best Veterinarian in Edina 2018!


Congratulations to Westgate Pet Clinic for winning "Best Veterinarian in Edina" for 2018!  A special thank-you to all of our dedicated clients that voted for us.  Words cannot express how much we value and appreciate you and your "furry children".  Also, thank you to Edina Magazine for including us in their 2018 "Best Of" issue.   

Best of Edina 2018

Grass Gnat Bites

Every spring, we get a "rash" of phone calls about round, red lesions on the belly. Often times, these are "grass gnat" (also called black fly) bites.  These biting insects emerge and create worrisome bite marks on dogs.  The bites usually show up on the belly or groin area where there is less fur.  The bites are red, round and flat to the skin.  As the bite resolves, it will often take on a target appearance.  The good news is that these bites are not harmful to the dog.  The bite marks usually resolve over several days.  If your dog has red marks on his belly that are not raised or itchy, there is a possibility that it is simply a grass fly bite.  However, we don't want you to ignore a problem if it is something more significant.  If you notice red lesions on your dog that are raised, have discharge, are scaly, or if your dog is itchy, please make an appointment to bring your dog in to the clinic as this is likely another problem.  The picture attached is a good example of what these fly bites look like.  If you have any questions, please call the clinic at 612-925-1121.  

grass gnats


Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM has formed the foundation for the practice of acupuncture over
the last 5000 years. Long before western medicine provided insight into the pathophysiology of health
and disease, TCM understood these phenomena through the theories of Yin, Yang and Qi.

TCM sees life through a lens of balance. Disease occurs when there is an imbalance of energy (Qi) and its
flow throughout the body. The movement of Qi through the body has been mapped in lines of flow, or
Meridians, over the surface of the body. These 12 Meridians correspond with and are named for internal
organs of the body. We can influence the movement of Qi by manipulation of specific locations, or
acupoints along these meridians.

Acupuncture points are typically stimulated by the placement of very small needles. These points can
also be stimulated via aquapuncture, by injecting a sterile liquid such as saline, vitamin B-12 and even
the joint supplement Adequan. When a more powerful response is needed, electroacupuncture is
employed. This uses a gentle electrical current passed between two acupuncture needles.
Electroacupuncture allows selection of current frequency and strength, which can be tailored to the
desired effect, i.e. pain control vs nerve stimulation.

During a TCM acupuncture consult, we evaluate each patient as a unique individual. The tongue and
pulse are examined closely as external reflections of internal health. The pet’s personality, diet, home
environment and even temperature preferences allow us to better understand the development of their
specific maladies. This understanding not only allows a personalized treatment plan, but can also aid in
the prevention of future disease.

Acupuncture from a TCM approach offers treatments for painful orthopedic conditions such as arthritis
and intervertebral disc disease as well as internal medicine concerns like inflammatory bowel disease,
urinary diseases and pancreatitis. This approach works well combined with typical western medicine, or
as an alternative when other treatments have failed.

If you have an interest in learning how TCM could help your pet contact Dr. Lauren Bury at Westgate Pet Clinic at 612-925-1121. Please note, a Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture appointment is scheduled for a longer period of time then a Medical Acupuncture appointment which accounts for a different fee schedule. Please contact the clinic for more information.

For information on Medical Acupuncture, click here

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We provide the quality care our clients expect and their pets deserve, by relying on the expertise and
compassion of each team member.


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