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Assistance for Weak Pets

Pets can become weak for a number of different reasons including; arthritis, neurologic issues, and muscle atrophy. Fortunatley, there are many products available to enhance your weak pet’s quality of life.

Consider also, a consultation with Dr. Teresa Hershey at Westgate Pet Clinic for a full musculoskeletal exam, and advice on rehabilitation excercises that would benefit your pet.




Dr. Buzby’s Toe Gripsweak-1

Traction bands that fit over your dog’s toe nails to allow them to grip the floor better. These bands can stay in place for up to four months.

Cost: $29.99

Add: $20.00 for toenail trim and professional application

Watch a video of Toe Grips in Action

Power Pawsweak2

Traction socks that your dog can wear around the house 24 hours a day. These socks are well tolerated and prevent slipping on hard surfaces.

Cost: $20

Watch a video of Power Paws in Action

Toe-up Brace or Dorsi-flex Assistweak4

Hind limb or fore limb brace for dogs that drag their toes when walking. This product will aid normal mobility and will help prevent scuffing of the nails and toes.

Consultation fee, including evaluation/fitting exam and one follow-up exam: $200-240

Brace cost: $95-120, plus $15 S&H


Biko Braceweak5

Mobility aid for patients that are having difficulty stepping forward with their rear legs, but are strong enough to stand without assistance. The elastic bands pull the rear leg forward with each step.

Consultation fee, including evaluation/fitting exam and one follow-up exam: $200-240

Brace cost: $195, plus $10 S&H

Watch a video of Biko Brace in Action

Help-em Up Harness

Tough, comfortable chest and pelvic harnesses with handles that allow the dog’s care taker to help lift and support the dog when needed.

Measurement only consultation: $55

Harness cost: Small $75, Medium $100, Large $110, Extra-Large: $120

S&H: $12

Watch a video of the Help-em Up Harness in action


Bottom's Up Leashweak6

This assistive walking device allows you to easily give support to your dog’s back end. The leg loops are positioned so that your pet can still urinate and defecate easily. The leash is adjustable to fit almost all shapes and sizes.

Leash cost: $40



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